Osmo Arrived, another use for drones and yet another aerial to fix!

At last parcelforce have delivered our new DJI Osmo 4K. For anyone who has no idea what an Osmo is, its basically a 4K capable camera on a stick! 

As we are having more enquiries from estate agents and commercial properties for videos and pictures we can now offer internal footage. I wouldn’t want to fly a drone in somebody’s palatial living room so now we have another option.

Noticed yet another novel use of drones today. Using-drones-to-hang-Christmas-lights- Is there any job that a drone can’t be used for? Although not so sure the CAA or local police would be too happy in the UK.

Also earlier today the drone phone rang! Who is calling? BBC for their next big shoot? Maybe an estate agent for a commercial shoot?
No yet another “Do you repair roof aerials?”.
I’m beginning to regret calling our business Aspect AERIAL Imagery as most people looking on the yellow pages website only see the AERIAL bit of the name. The fact we are in a completely different part of the directory doesn’t seem to matter as we still get the calls!

In any case with the wind and rain today here I wouldn’t want to fly or stand on a roof fixing an aerial today so here’s a picture we took last week when it was calm,
Hownsgill Viaduct, Consett, Co.Durham


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