More bad drone publicity and Happy Christmas from us!

Not a good few days for the drone industry! Just in case you have been living in a cave the last few days drones have been flying over Gatwick airport in Southern England, hence leading to hundreds of flights being suspended.  Probably the less said about this news story the better! 
While this has undoubtedly been very bad publicity for the drone industry and leading to a very negative public perception I feel it is very important now to reinforce the good that drones are doing all over the world. 
If you are in any doubt of the above fact please watch this video. Ways drones are saving lives
A flight around a lighthouse Last Monday when conditions were perfect for flight we headed for St Mary`s Lighthouse, Whitley Bay on the coast of North Tyneside to capture the sunrise. The onshore breeze was light and the sky perfect so after setting up and taking flight we captured some good still photos and some video that we are happy with, which will be added to our 2019 show-reel in due course…

Too wet and windy in UK but nice flight abroad

The last week has been far to wet and windy to take flight here in the UK and it’s currently chucking it down again.
So to fill the time it’s been a week of marketing. As work is never easy to come by in this industry we  tried a leaflet drop in our local area offering “aerial images of your property for Christmas” and, after over 37k steps all that was achieved was sore feet, skinned knuckles and not much else! Yet!
Sunday night things improved.  After seeing Readysteadydrone flying in Indonesia on YouTube I booked a flight in Cancun as part of Flythere’s beta testing. (If you have never come across Flythere it’s a website that lets you fly a drone remotely for 5 minutes in an exotic location using your computer or tablet.) 
I wanted to try the golden Buddha but time zones dictated Cancun. So I logged into Flythere 5 minutes before my booked flight where my co-pilot Manuel was waiting for me. The controls are straight forward and Manuel was very helpful. 
Using Manuel’s DJI P4P I fl…

Osmo Arrived, another use for drones and yet another aerial to fix!

Image At last parcelforce have delivered our new DJI Osmo 4K. For anyone who has no idea what an Osmo is, its basically a 4K capable camera on a stick! 
As we are having more enquiries from estate agents and commercial properties for videos and pictures we can now offer internal footage. I wouldn’t want to fly a drone in somebody’s palatial living room so now we have another option.
Noticed yet another novel use of drones today. Using-drones-to-hang-Christmas-lights- Is there any job that a drone can’t be used for? Although not so sure the CAA or local police would be too happy in the UK.
Also earlier today the drone phone rang! Who is calling? BBC for their next big shoot? Maybe an estate agent for a commercial shoot? No yet another “Do you repair roof aerials?”. I’m beginning to regret calling our business Aspect AERIAL Imagery as most people looking on the yellow pages website only see the AERIAL bit of the name. The fact we are in a completely differen…

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our Blog
Our blog will feature musings of a professional drone pilot in the UK. Our passion for aerial photography and video started in 2014 when we brought our first drone which featured a rather crude camera, a battery that would last for under 6 minutes and tended to crash more than expected. Fast forward to today and we are fully professional aerial photographers and videographers meeting the needs of our clients using up to date technology from DJI.  In this blog I hope to bring you an honest account of the industry including opinions on the laws, the technology and on the pit falls of the industry, as well as favourite videos and pictures from around the drone world. 
We also look forward to reading all of your comments.