Too wet and windy in UK but nice flight abroad

The last week has been far to wet and windy to take flight here in the UK and it’s currently chucking it down again.

So to fill the time it’s been a week of marketing. As work is never easy to come by in this industry we  tried a leaflet drop in our local area offering “aerial images of your property for Christmas” and, after over 37k steps all that was achieved was sore feet, skinned knuckles and not much else! Yet!

Sunday night things improved.
 After seeing Readysteadydrone flying in Indonesia on YouTube I booked a flight in Cancun as part of Flythere’s beta testing. (If you have never come across Flythere it’s a website that lets you fly a drone remotely for 5 minutes in an exotic location using your computer or tablet.) 

I wanted to try the golden Buddha but time zones dictated Cancun. So I logged into Flythere 5 minutes before my booked flight where my co-pilot Manuel was waiting for me. The controls are straight forward and Manuel was very helpful. 

Using Manuel’s DJI P4P I flew up the aqua marine coloured coast while taking pics.
It was good fun to fly in such a scenic location while chatting about the drone industry in Mexico with Manuel.

Once my 5 minutes were up Manuel retook control (which he presumably can do at any time), and my session was over. Then my pics were delivered to my email which came out ok considering they were screen shots.
The Cancun coastline

Now this service is available for $7.99 so about £6.50. Overall a good idea although I’d hope to get the high res raw images. Maybe they will add this for extra but overall a good idea especially for someone who doesn’t own a drone and wants the experience.

Next week will be out and about flying if the weather allows if not the nano drone will have to come out of hiding to chase the kids!


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